Infants & Toddlers

At the first visit, you will be asked to complete a medical and personal history questionnaire for your child. These questionnaires allow us to become more familiar with your family as well as ensure that we understand your child's important medical and dental history.


At this age, our main goal is to introduce your child to the dental office as well as educate the parent about how to care for the developing dentition. Everything that we intend to do for your child will be explained and demonstrated before we do it. In a children's dental office, like ours, we call this communication "Tell-Show-Do" which is very important in helping your child understand the dental visit process. The initial exam with an infant or young toddler may just consist of “counting the teeth” and answering questions that the parent may have. If there is a concern by the parent or doctor, a "picture" (x-ray) or cleaning may also be performed.


At the completion of the initial examination visit, your child's oral health status and necessary treatment will be discussed with you by our provider. This consultation is designed for you to be able to speak one on one with the dentist and gain a full understanding of your child's oral health. As your children's dentist we are committed to partnering with you and want your participation in determining what dental treatment is best for your child. Please feel free to ask any questions!


Kids & Teens

As kids get older and more mature, their dental anxieties may subside. However, past experiences or even hearing other peoples unfavorable past experiences can make them anxious and uncomfortable in the dental setting. Our pediatric dental specialist as well as highly trained staff are well equipped to ease these anxieties, regardless of age.  Your child will be seen by very skilled providers at each appointment providing excellent continuity of care as well as a familiar environment for your child. You or your child will never feel rushed as we aim to provide each patient with a comfortable and comprehensive dental experience.


We will also offer you a clear explanation of the developing dentition as your child's teeth begin to exfoliate. Some kids and young teens will start to experience some crowding or space management issues. These children may be a good candidate for early intervention Orthodontic treatment. We have excellent providers whom we can refer you for consultations. This can be a crucial time in your child's dental development to be evaluated for a shorter and overall less invasive Orthodontic treatment plan.


Children with Special Needs

Patients with special needs are those who due to physical, medical, developmental or cognitive conditions require special consideration when receiving dental treatment. This can include people with autism, sensory integration disorder, Down syndrome, spinal cord injuries and countless other conditions or injuries that can make standard dental procedures more difficult.


Caring for a child with special needs takes compassion and understanding. While most dentists can accommodate for these special children, our pediatric dentist and staff focus on meeting the needs and working with the limitations of these patients. If you, your child or someone you know has special needs, we encourage you to meet with our dentist to discuss your options.


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