When to make your first appointment? 

     1st tooth or 1st birthday!


Should I be giving Fluoride supplements?

     Fluoride supplements are prescribed on a case by case scenario. We do recommend using a fluoride toothpaste for all children! For more         specifics, please ask at your appointment since all recommendations are individually based. 


How much toothpaste do I give?

     Depending on age, this could range from a smear, grain of rice sized amount, or a pea sized amount.


What if my child has a dental emergency and your office is closed?

     Give us a call! We have an emergency line available to all patients of record. 


What if my child sucks his/her thumb?

     We recommend all oral habits stop by the age of 4. We understand this can be difficult, so go ahead and ask our providers for some tips           and tricks at your next visit! 


When do I have to think about braces?

     The American Academy of Orthodontics states orthodontic discussions should be started at 7 years old. 



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